Drawing on the latest from neuroscience, we introduce people of all ages to ‘winning routines’, the power of greater discipline and focused action. We enable world-class leadership – of self and others.

Let’s be clear about the difference between our Programmes and our Workshops:

We offer Workshops to clients from any sector looking to inspire and engage their people as an organisation or in teams and we also use a series of Workshops to build capability in the Make it Yours Community.

Make It Yours workshops

A client workshop can be a discreet event at which we introduce Make it Yours and the Visual Success Map to either:

  • Engage people to build an outline ‘Being my very best’ VSM.
  • Work with a team to build a Team VSM for a project, particular piece of work or to be their very best for business as usual.

We aim to turn ’Inspiration to Action’ (I2A) – a warm feeling is not enough.  Tangible outputs involving behavioural change at the individual and collective level is a prerequisite criterion for success.

This focus on sustaining the impacts we have at our workshops means we will expect to ‘follow up’ with the team and individuals with a mix of team gatherings, small group and 1:1 coaching and mentoring.  Converting a series of Workshops into a coherent leadership programme will always be an aim for Make it Yours in order to create an immensely powerful momentum.  Creating a learning and high performing culture with leaders and their people being fully engaged, giving discretionary effort and operating more effectively at every level is the aim. Reputations are enhanced and organisations recruit and retain excellent people because they will have created a great place to work.

Community Workshops

Our Community Workshops are designed to build capability and the collective impact of the Make it Yours Community in the workplace and in society.  They build to give Community members growing confidence and expertise in using the VSM for 1:1 and team coaching, mentoring and facilitation.  This graduated approach is described in the Make it Yours Community section. (hyperlink)


Our Programmes come in two forms too.

Organisational programmes

Working with clients to co-create leadership programmes tailored to the needs of their organization (public, private, third sector) and their people is a key offering and we have years of experience making a difference to the culture of organisations through such powerful engagements.

The very high profile leader of one such client recently said: “You have shaped a generation …”.  Creating transformational cultural change is a very credible output if a client recognizes the need for change and displays the medium to long-term motivation and commitment to make it happen.

Open programmes

Make it Yours also runs a series of ‘open’ residential programmes at great venues in the UK and abroad each engaging no more than 10 participants who are committed to ‘being the best they can be’ and to helping others to be the same.   Every fifth programme, funded mainly through profits made from ‘paying clients’ on the previous four is offered to groups or individuals who are disadvantaged in some way and who would not normally have access to such development. Participants on our open programmes are invited to volunteer to assist on our ‘pro bono’ programmes to allow them to take their development forward and make a difference.  They are also invited to participate in the Make it Yours Community Workshops to build their capability to be of greater service.

Each open programme takes advantage of the superb environments and cultures we visit and they have a similar format involving a mix of activities and learning designed to:

  • Build and sustain physical energy, through exercise and adventure.
  • Promote emotional and spiritual energy through mindfulness sessions, engagement with nature, new cultures and values based learning.
  • Enhance confidence and self-esteem through a strengths based focus, a reassessment of core beliefs and an acceptance of how good we are and how we can more consistently show up at our best.
  • Strengthen ‘mental fitness’. Building truthful self-awareness by enhancing understanding of how our brains work and how we can use this knowledge to be more content and have stronger, more emotionally intelligent relationships.
  • Build ‘winning leaders’ who embrace a series of ‘winning routines’ that enable them to show up consistently at their best and create the conditions for their people to do the same.  They will lead ‘winning teams’.
  • Create a community of support, encouragement and truthful challenge based on the depth of intimate, trusting relationships built on the programme.

Being prepared to be vulnerable, hungry to learn and open and positive in outlook are critical ingredients if you want to engage with Make it Yours.

If you aspire to be the best you can be and you are prepared to invest time and money in your own development, then Make it Yours is for you. If you can get your organisation to sponsor you, that’s fine – a commitment to learn and develop is the prerequisite.

Our leadership curriculum is brought together and shared through our ‘Winning Leader’ and ‘Being your very best’ VSMs: http://lets.gomakeityours.com/Ui/VsmImage.aspx?v=G0tu19qvUrc=  and: http://tinyurl.com/lvezsbt

These links enable you to interrogate this VSM template online providing you with a resource that is regularly updated and available to you for your learning and development.