Our Vision for Make it Yours is to ‘Enrich lives and transform leadership and performance by connecting people to build, share and achieve their goals.’

Enriching lives... We are social animals. We achieve more and we are better when we collaborate. Co-creating and sharing goals enables support, challenge and fun and it makes it more likely you’ll achieve your goals. It is enriching to all parties.

Transforming leadership and performance... We recognise the pressures of the ever-changing and fast paced lives we live and organisations we work in. If we are to thrive, not just survive, and if we are going to lead others, we need to be consistently at our best and that means we need to nurture our energy, our relationships and ourselves. Make it Yours enables the type of leadership, of self and others, critical to making this possible.

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We know leadership is at the core of great performance and success and it starts with you! You must lead yourself first and then you can lead others, sometimes with direction, sometimes through coaching, often quietly and most influentially by your very example. Make it Yours helps you understand and lead yourself better and lead others to come with you.

Make It Yours has four distinct and aligned offerings:

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Visual Success Mapping

Our unique Visual Success Map (shortened to VSM) app is our USP. It is the vehicle to enable us to achieve our Vision and you to secure the success you want for yourself, your team and those you love and care for. Work with it and us, share your goals and your progress and help and inspire others.

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Coaching & Mentoring

Our Founding Members and wider Community are coaches, mentors and facilitators who will provide support after any of our workshops and programmes. We recommend a formal follow-up to keep you and / or your team on track is written in to any workshop or programme contract.

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Programmes & Workshops

Drawing on the latest from neuroscience, we introduce people of all ages to ‘winning routines’, the power of greater discipline and focused action. We enable world-class leadership – of self and others. We tailor our Workshops and our Programmes to meet the needs of our clients, exploring where links can be made for mutual benefit and to have a positive impact in society.

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Our mission at Make it Yours is to enrich lives and transform leadership and performance by connecting people to build, share and achieve their goals. To do this, we partner organisations, individuals and sporting bodies with charities, social enterprises, looked after children and those in the youth justice system, to enable all sides to develop mutually enriching relationships with the common goal of realising potential.

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What our clients say...

“Over the last three years I have found the VSM technology an incredibly useful way to plan, manage and achieve personal, team and business goals.”

Simon Stilwell

“I used the VSM to set myself new challenges including achieving my lifelong dream of standing on top of Mount Everest and reaching the North Pole.”

Steve Williams OBE - Double Olympic Gold Medal Rower

“I really believe that in order to achieve success in sport and academically, setting goals is really important. What ever your goal, the VSM will help you get there.”

Sarah Winckless - Triple Olympic Bronze Medal Rower & winner of the Helen Rollason Award for Inspiration at the BBC Sportswomen of the Year Awards 2013

“My goals have always been ambitious. I have represented Great Britain as a Canoeist, achieved a MSc and having been a Commando Reservist I am now in training to secure a career as a full time officer in the Royal Marines. The VSM gave me the confidence to look at my goals holistically and, having mapped them out step by step, to focus and achieve them.”

Richard Longley RM

“As an Olympic silver medallist, and now a mentor to lots of young athletes one of the most important tools I have

Leon Taylor

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