Visual Success Mapping

Our first offer doesn’t need us! Our ground breaking Visual Success Map (VSM for short) web application is our USP and it enables you to put visual and empowering plans together to achieve personal, team or organisational goals. True to our Vision, we recommend you don’t plan in isolation, even if you start with solitary thinking. You will achieve so much more in collaboration.

You can use our app on any platform, including your phone – so keep your goals and your plans close, stay focused and adapt to changing situations if you need to. The app is intuitive but should you need further guidance you will find two superb animations, tooltips and training videos in our website and in our app.

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Coaching & mentoring

We provide individuals and teams with trained coaches, mentors or facilitators to assist in using the VSM to build plans and achieve goals. We have a superb and growing team of skilled and empathetic personal and team coaches.

We can support you online too and for deserving cases, we will work pro bono or at cost. Have a look at our Team and Contact us and arrange an appointment.

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Open programmes & workshops

We employ the VSM as our vehicle for helping individuals and teams to be the best they can be. We run open programmes and workshops and programmes tailored to you and your organization. We believe in the mantra that ‘better people make better leaders, make better performers’.

We help people to be better and we share our expertise in leadership to enable them to lead others more effectively, creating a positive ripple. This is what drives me and those connected with Make it Yours.

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Make it Yours Community

Finally, we train people to excel at goal setting, planning, mentoring and facilitation. We develop them as leaders and we set them off to help others.

This is the Make it Yours Community.

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