Our Founding Members and wider Community are coaches, mentors and facilitators who will provide support on or after any of our workshops and programmes. We recommend a formal follow-up to keep you and / or your team on track is written in to any workshop or programme contract.

Visual Success Mapping

Coaching and mentoring, both team and individual, is all about empowering people, teams and organisations.  Make it Yours can offer you the very best people to work with you 1:1 as coaches or mentors and with your teams as team coaches (on the job or scenario based) and facilitators.  They are all skilled and confident in helping you get the very best from creating and following through on your VSM.

Our plan is to grow a ‘community’ of coaches, mentors and facilitators confident and competent in running 1:1 and group coaching and team facilitation with the output being an engaging and empowering VSM.  This means enabling people and organisations to do it themselves. We want to release you, not manage you. Training people in open programmes or in organisational programmes as Make it Yours mentors and facilitators means we can set people off, with all the support they need, to spread the Make it Yours Winning Formula.

Our potential impact on organisations from any sector, including business, third sector, education and sport, is depicted here: