You can choose to volunteer to become part of the Make it Yours Community however you have initially engaged with Make it Yours. The prerequisite is that you complete training on one of our Workshops on how to employ the Visual Success Map with individuals and / or groups. You can:

  • Come directly on one of our Workshops
  • Volunteer to attend having already been exposed to Make it Yours on one of our ‘open’ or bespoke ‘organisational’ Programmes

Once confident and competent running Visual Success Mapping sessions, you can work with anyone as a mentor, coach, team facilitator, trusted advisor, friend, buddy, parent or guardian to help individuals and/or teams co-create one or more VSMs.  Once a plan is in place – your critical role is to provide support and challenge to help the individual or team you are supporting turn the plan to reality.

We subscribe to the old Military adage that “No plan survives contact with the enemy” and the online and dynamic nature of the VSM enables contingency plans to be introduced easily if/when circumstances change.

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results”
— Winston Churchill

To be most helpful and effective as a Community mentor/coach/facilitator you must be capable and competent in the ‘doing’ and ‘being’ of leadership.  The VSM methodology provides a structure for a great conversation in order to create a powerful, sustainable and dynamic output in the form of an online VSM.  The value people can get from having a structure is indisputable – what they also need if the plan is to be creative, inspiring and most powerfully connected to them is emotionally intelligent support and challenge.  This will stretch individuals and teams to create ambitious and energizing plans for any aspect of their lives – work and/or personal. It is the vehicle for strengthening relationships, focused goal setting and transforming performance.

The Founding Members of the Community can be found at Our Members.  They have all attended MiY training workshops and are accredited to work with individuals and teams as mentors, coaches and facilitators employing the Visual Success Map (VSM) as our unique vehicle for success.

The Future

Growing a global MiY Community means enabling people to do it themselves. We want to release you not manage you.  Get yourself on a Make it Yours training Workshop and then you will be free to engage with colleagues at work and friends and family elsewhere to spread the Make it Yours ‘Winning Formula’.

Offering our services for free to those who don’t have access to such support is a fundamental part of the Make it Yours ethos and Vision.  Our pro bono programmes are described at ….. (Hyper Link to Programmes). In time, we would love to offer support online with MiY Community members volunteering their services to support others in need for free.  Please watch this space and volunteer if you’d like to be part of this.

How this connects with OASIS

Our OASIS strategy presents a refreshing approach to joining the dots between Organisations, Academic institutions and Youth Movements, Sporting bodies and Individuals. In line with our Vision – Our concept is to work directly to transform leadership, team and individual performance working directly through Coaching and Mentoring and Open Programmes and Workshops with Organisations, Academic institutions and Youth Movements and Sporting bodies and with Individuals, impacting positively on Society by the ripple effect ‘better people’ have on leaving any engagement with us and more proactively by encouraging volunteers to join the Make it Yours Community and help others. More detail is given for each of the OASIS headings in the What’s in it for you page.

Our deal with organisations is – we will train your people, enabling them to become more effective leaders by developing their skills as leaders and in coaching, mentoring and facilitation.  They are then released to have an impact elsewhere in your own organisations and with schools, charities, sport and youth clubs or social enterprises in your community.  Ideally, these links already exist.  Where they don’t we will help to enable them. Please see our School of Hard Knocks Case Study below to understand how we join the dots for mutual benefit.

We are open to exploring a ‘train the trainer’ approach so we can spread the love faster and more widely!

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved in the MiY Community, please get in touch.

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