Business Ambassadors

Adrian Wenn
Founder and Director of Wenn Associates Ltd

“I love Make it Yours! I am actively recommending it and seeking out opportunities to spread the ethos and approach it promotes. Get on board and let’s make a real difference in people’s lives, business success and in society.”

Simon Bailey
Managing Director LSP Leadership Ltd

“We have been partnering with Make it Yours for a number of years taking the VSM application and methodology into high profile corporate clients with great success. Our leading-edge Graduate Development Programmes, coaching and team facilitations are helping to create the foundations for greater leadership and organisational success. Make it Yours plays an integral part in this.”

Mike Lobb QGM
COO at Dynasafe Area Clearance Group

“We engaged Farren and Make it Yours for a 2 day off-site with my Senior Leadership Team and Directors. The work we did had a profound personal and team impact on all of us. The tangible output was a VSM which was central to driving that business forward.”

Will Lindsay
Senior Consultant – Financial Sector and former Leader of Clydesdale Bank Southern Region

“Farren worked with me and my leadership team…and enabled us to work so much more effectively. This is where Make it Yours came in…..The VSM is a clever and intuitive app…. It enables individuals, teams and businesses to set out goals and objectives and how these can be fulfilled in a personal and pictorial manner.”

Simon Stilwell
CEO Vitesse Media

“Over a number of years I have found the Visual Success Map technology an incredibly useful way to plan, manage and achieve personal, team and business goals. Prior to becoming CEO I created a Visual Success Map with Farren. Everything I planned to do I achieved, in life and in business. The VSM was the foundation for that success.”