Education Ambassadors

John Gibson
Deputy Head, Cirencester Deer Park School

“I immediately recognised the immense value the Visual Success Map and Make it Yours can have in education. Setting goals and objectives is one thing … aligning those goals from student and staff member right through to the whole school Vision, Mission and Values wins collective confidence and higher performance.”

Richard Longley
Royal Marines

“My goals have always been ambitious. I have represented Great Britain as a Canoeist, achieved a PhD, been a Royal Marines Commando Reservist and now I am pursuing a career as a full time officer in the Royal Marines. The Visual Success Map gave me the confidence to look at my goals holistically and, having mapped them out step by step, to focus and achieve them.”

Graham Spawforth
Headmaster, Ditcham Park School

“I have been a part of the Visual Success Map story since 2005 when Farren and a colleague first introduced it to 150 new 6th Formers in Monmouth School. Witnessing its evolution to the state of the art app it has become and enjoying the impacts its employment as a vehicle for individual and team goal setting has been immensely rewarding. Farren and his team have worked with our Prefect Team for the last 5 years and more recently with our staff and elite sportsmen and women. Make it Yours makes the difference!”

Mike Rees-Lee
Head Teacher The Cambian Devon School

“Every now and then an innovative new approach captures one’s imagination. Make it Yours did just that. I am now working on employing the Visual Success Map to enable students to plan their learning and the lives they want for themselves and also to chart the journey they have been on through their school years. Students owning their VSMs together with the ability to present their story looking forward and back is priceless. Is this the CV of the future? Very exciting!”

Jon Lees
Chair of the Engage in their Future Network

“Farren’s Make it Yours workshops at our Annual Conference … were a highlight and every attendee engaged with them enthusiastically. The Visual Success Map could have profound impacts in education and in my sphere of specialist education, I am convinced it will help us to increase opportunities in the lives of the challenged youngsters we work with.”