“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”

— Pablo Picasso

Visual Success Mapping

Why use the VSM?

If you are setting yourself or your team a target and you want a better chance of achieving it, then Make it Yours is for you.   If you’re facing a significant transition in your life (changing jobs, getting married, having children, dealing with a break-up, being promoted or losing your job, moving house or any other life changing event) or you’re dealing with a feeling of being overwhelmed (work, being a leader or manager, study, exams, life), then the VSM and Make it Yours is for you.

Achieve your goals with VSM

Achieve your goals

Co-creating a plan, winning support and taking some small steps forward will very soon have you on the right track and making progress with confidence, positivity and hope.   Take back some control.

How can I use a VSM?

The Visual Success Map is our USP. It is a success vehicle for our time. It is relevant to any person, any team or organization. It can be used to:

Co-create plans

Co-create plans with coaches, mentors, buddies or with a team, internally or supported by a facilitator (ideally Make it Yours trained), for the achievement of individual, team or organizational goals and objectives. You can start any plan on your own and then our recommendation is to share as early as possible to draw the benefits from collaboration. Enjoy empathetic and truthful support and belief in you with the spark of challenge.

Keep people on track

By giving access to plans on all mobile and standalone platforms to ensure goals and targets remain in focus. Being online, it gives flexibility to respond to unforeseen circumstances that demand changes to plans. Connecting music, video, photos and relevant documents ensures there is detail behind the goal or stepping-stones to reach it. This creates an emotional connection to make them ‘sticky’ and more likely you’ll achieve them.

Share plans to success & achievements

Share plans to success and the important resources connected with each stepping-stone using template VSMs to help people and teams reach their goals and their potential.

Present a record of achievements – an online CV with recorded evidence on video, photograph and/or document.

The VSM is the vehicle we use to take people on a ‘life-changing’ journey to be a ‘Winning Leader’ and for teams to be a ‘Winning Team’. We give the people and teams we work with access to the VSM and all the resources relevant to each stepping stone to success and we keep it up to date with new resources as we learn more.

We have created two superb animations (active hyperlink to these) to help people employ our app for best results.  This gives us global reach and influence to make the positive difference in society we aim to make without our direct presence.  We know leaders are at the heart of making such change and we know how to help them.

In summary, we know, that if you are really serious about your personal, team or organizational goals:

  • You will put a plan together, ideally co-created
  • You will share your goals and your plans with mentors, coaches, buddies, colleagues and where appropriate, family and friends
  • You will break down your goal into bite sized chunks of action and you will emotionally connect to each stepping stone to keep you focused and on track
  • You will embrace feedback, deal with unforeseen events and adjust your plan as required
  • You will monitor and review progress, keeping your plan close to you – on your phone, laptop/PC and/or tablet
  • You will celebrate success

You can do all this with our Visual Success Map and we invite you to join us and enjoy fantastic results.   Please have a look at our drop-down menu for a series of scenarios you might be facing and be inspired by how the VSM can be used to take you and/or your team to a much better place.

VSM goal setting

Expand for more VSM information:

Having goals is one thing – seeing them through to completion is altogether different. Our VSM app uses the power of visual representation and multimedia to engage the brain in a different way. Planning becomes productive and easy: the map provides a structure and focus that helps individuals and teams to turn inspiration into action. Created by Farren Drury, the VSM is an intuitive mapping tool with roots in military operational planning. It draws on the most up-to-date learning from psychology and neuroscience and combines this with leading edge technology, enabling you to create and share personalised maps, enhancing your chances of success. Access your map anywhere using the VSM app, and share it with friends or colleagues to reinforce and celebrate your goals.

The science behind Visual Success Maps

The VSM:

  • Aids engagement with a rapidly changing environment and improves focus.
  • Simplifies plan review, amendments and record keeping.
  • Enables sharing through email and social media, winning support, engagement and feedback.
  • Facilitates personalisation, white labelling, the creation of group templates and collaborative groups.
  • Provides a ‘Presentation’ capability, building through your VSM and interrogating the detail behind your goal and stepping stones as required.

Having your plan on one screen with all the important actions you need to take highlighted as stepping-stones keeps you or your team on track. You can include documents, photographs, videos and your ‘success songs’ to motivate you and to tell the story of your journey to success. The VSM acts as ‘your conscience’, your aid to win support, record progress and celebrate success. Our trained facilitators and mentors can enhance the VSM experience for you and your team, while increasing your chances of success. Connect with us and find out…

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