We work directly with leadership teams in Academic Institutions and Youth Movements as well as with members of staff, students and young people. We will train and encourage internal mentors in the use of the VSM and where there’s an appetite we will enable volunteer mentors to come in from outside. This is a fundamental strand of our OASIS Strategy - joining the dots where possible between Organisations, Academic Institutions and Youth Movements, Sporting bodies and Individuals in order to have a positive impact on Society.

In the context of this offer, we set members of the public as well as people from business, sport and other organizations up for success to act as mentors with students and staff using the VSM as the vehicle for strengthening relationships, energizing and focused goal setting and transforming performance.

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Client testimonials

Peter Chicken testimonial

Peter Chicken

The Make it Yours App is fantastic!

As a sixth former, it is ever so easy to get bogged down with work that is due for the next week, day or even lesson. Before I used the app I could never see the bigger picture; all that mattered was to make sure that work was done (to varying degrees of acceptability) so that teachers wouldn’t have a reason to snap at you in the next lesson.

However, Make it Yours has allowed my classmates and I to have a visual image of our goals and aspirations – to achieve a certain grade at A level, make it into the ideal University or even to get into a higher team for rugby.

What’s more, we are able to give ourselves short term visual objectives and if a deadline is looming, we can easily see what we have to do in the short term that directly benefits our long-term goals.”

Ben Haining

“Governing bodies and our professional sport partners were very impressed with the APP product and the fact we were looking at innovative goal setting software. This helped contribute to our significantly improved Sports Science grading and reviews in June this year.

Some athletes really bought in and completed thorough mind maps e.g. one of our elite tennis athletes VSM screen shot was used as part of the Queen’s visit presentation.”

Jon Lees

“Farren’s Make it Yours workshops at our Annual Conference were a highlight. The Visual Success Map could have profound impacts in education and in my sphere of specialist education. It will help us to increase opportunities in the lives of the challenged youngsters we work with.”

Sam Pullan Testimonial

Sam Pullan

“As Head of 6th Form at Presdales Scool I arranged for Make it Yours to visit to engage with our students at a critical time. 160 of our 16 year old girls were inspired by Make it Yours: a brilliant two-hour workshop which will helped them approach their GCSEs with confidence and commitment. They were struck by the realisation that they have things to be proud of, people to make proud of them, and the skills to do the job.”

Ross Maloney testimonial

Ross Maloney

“As a senior manager in a large national charity with a portfolio that has developed over a period of time and in the midst of lots of positive change, I have had to continue to grow and develop. Working with Farren to create a plan for my whole self, with a focus on dealing with volume, increasing resilience and being at my best more of the time has been invaluable. Creating the time and space to reflect, think and plan with Farren’s guidance and coaching has already seen me deal with my workload, my team and my work/life balance in different ways, all for the better.”

Case Studies

Presdales School

Goal setting sessions. Asking 160 Year 11 girls to think about goal setting just a few weeks into the first term of their GCSE year was going to be a challenge.

Fortunately, with one teacher, two Make it Yours facilitators, some focused Visual Success Mapping, and a few packets of Haribos, the girls gave it their all and came up with their own inspiring goals for the year ahead.

Choosing your own values and ‘proud stories’ was a new exercise for the girls, and perhaps the best thing about the session was the way everyone helped each other. Friends reminded each other what they were good at – “you’re great at music”, “you have the best laugh” – discussed their values – “is a mobile phone a value?” – and created their maps showing where they want to be and the steps they need to take to get there.

The feedback from pupils and staff has been great. Sophie described it as “a really useful and thought-provoking session which has made me determined to decide on and reach my goals”, while Emma ended the session feeling “more confident and ready to take on the challenge of GCSEs.”

We look forward to supporting the girls further in their journey to academic and personal success.


Reeds School

Make it Yours has been a leadership partner to Reeds School in successive years, providing a range of support, including:

Building the confidence, commitment and unity of prefect teams for the last 6 years.

Helping new prefects understand their responsibilities as leaders in the school, how best to execute them and determined to leave a better school as the legacy of their tenure.

Helping the Senior Leadership Team become more of a high performing team, clear on its ways of working and focused on continued excellence and clear targets for improvement.

Helping teaching staff with Winning Routines and greater knowledge of emotional intelligence and neuroscience to sustain their wellbeing and energy and strengthen relationships as they deal with the daily pressures of teaching.

Supporting the Head of Strength and Conditioning and elite athletes in the school playing in the tennis and hockey academies to set and achieve goals in their sport, whilst ensuring they pay due attention to the other key aspects of their lives. The Visual Success Maps produced and maintained by the athletes, supported by the staff, demonstrated clearly how serious they were in achieving their goals and kept them focused as well as rounded. This clever balance was made possible through the vehicle of the VSM.