We believe better people make better leaders and better, more productive employees. Engage with us and build a high performing and learning culture in your organisation that embraces this philosophy.

Please see our testimonials and case studies below:

Simon Bailey Testimonial

Simon Bailey

“We have been partnering with Make it Yours for a number of years taking the VSM software and methodology into high profile corporate clients with great success. Make it Yours bridges the gap from thinking into making it happen.”

Kirstie Donnelly Testimonial

Kirstie Donnelly MBE

“Deciding that you need a coach is a big step, even when you already feel you are quite close to the ‘top of your career performance’ – finding the right one is an even bigger one. I struck gold in choosing Farren – or I should say and is so often the case, I reached out to my network and Farren came highly recommended with a very strong ‘pedigree’. However, it still meant we had to gel and from the moment we connected I knew I was in safe hands. Safe because Farren wouldn’t let me off the hook and that is what you need from a coach – someone who challenges you but supports you in equal measure. Someone who won’t let you hide in some safe haven you have built up for yourself but pushes you to be even better than you ever thought you could be.  High performance, high integrity, strong ethics and values are all part of the coaching mix that Farren provides, ultimately supporting you to be the best you can be”

Emma Kane Testimonial

Emma Kane

“Our aim is to help clients maximise the value of their company. Working with Make it Yours had a transformational impact on my team and my business. We have exceeded our stretching financial targets making our investment in Make it Yours an outstanding decision. Having a Visual Success Map has kept me and my team focused on what is important. We have stayed true to the values and behavioural charter we set ourselves and our collective confidence increased dramatically. The fact we have achieved the ‘stretching’ goals we set speaks volumes.”

Dr Ann Limb Testimonial

Dr Ann Limb CBE DL

“I have worked with Farren on several leadership development programmes for senior civil and Crown servants in which we were both involved.  I was hugely impressed by his intuitive grasp of complex organisational people and management problems and the way in which he is able to work with clients to tackle and solve such issues in a pragmatic and reflective manner. I am inspired by his warmth, energy, and humanity which enable Farren to develop trusting relationships with the people he works with and from this place he is able to challenge and develop them constructively.  I have recommended him to work as a coach with the Chief Executive, Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of three different major charities and companies and I regularly receive feedback from the individuals that they benefit greatly from the work he does with them.”

Simon Stilwell Testimonial

Simon Stilwell

“I have found the Visual Success Map (VSM) technology an incredibly useful way to plan, manage and achieve personal, team and business goals. Prior to becoming a CEO I created a VSM with Farren. Everything I planned to do I achieved, in life and in business. The VSM was the foundation for that success.”

Chris Welford testimonial

Chris Welford

“Over the last 12 months, Farren has worked very closely with our organisation on a small number of important areas of our business, including individual personal and collective team development needs. In undertaking this work, Farren has helped us to develop new ways of approaching our work, but importantly at the same time allowed us the space and time to also concentrate on delivering our core work.

In undertaking this work, Farren very successfully balanced individual’s development needs with our collective business requirements. As a direct result of his care, attention and focus on our specific business needs, he developed and implemented a bespoke training programme, which has improved our culture and individual leadership skills across the business.

Farren is highly enthusiastic, committed, professional and knowledgeable coach, mentor and trainer. After a small number of meetings, he was able to quickly develop his approach to reflect our culture, which allowed him to engage with staff at all levels, but also robustly challenge us when necessary.

This approach brought his training programme to life, which led to our staff challenging and testing their own and our collective behaviours as an organisation, which quickly developed genuine and  positive results and actions for us all.”