Leveraging sport’s goal-setting traditions with supportive & holistic focused mentoring relationships to build confidence, self-belief, leadership skills and presence in order to get the very best from sportsmen and women and those responsible for coaching and managing them.

We help governing bodies, clubs and team leaders and fulfil sports’ duty of care with the results being seen on and off the field and critically in transition to lives outside sport.  Our Make it Yours Community presents further opportunities for mutual benefit.

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Client Testimonials

Glenn Delaney testimonial

Glenn Delaney

“I asked Farren to design and deliver a programme aimed at developing a new leadership group within a team that had experienced a large amount of senior players leave the Club.  It involved highlighting who the players were and providing them with a structured learning environment which would enable them to gain new skills and set them up for future success in leadership roles.  

It was a fantastic journey for them to go on and Farren’s approach made it a huge success. The players have all moved forward in their careers and are great examples of rounded professional athletes who are role models to young players.  In conclusion, our engagement with Make it Yours had a powerful impact on our future leaders. The VSM is an outstanding tool for capturing and sharing a leadership journey and engaging players with goal setting for life and rugby, setting them up for success in both. We paved the way for other premiership clubs to follow.”

Andrew Gomersall testimonial

Andrew Gomersall MBE

“Running Make it Yours events with Farren, witnessing laser sessions on Sky TV’s ‘School of Hard Knocks’ and enjoying the sustainable benefits achieved for my own team after a two day workshop makes it very easy for me to be a powerful advocate for Make it Yours.”

Jonathan Fisher testimonial

Jonathan Fisher

“I began working with Farren in 2013 as part of an ‘emerging leaders’ group at London Irish. In an instant, Farren had a profound impact upon me. Sat before me was a man who had experience, pride and commanded respect while simultaneously showing vulnerability, emotion and humility. Within a matter of hours, Farren became a man many of the group looked up to & would call upon for advice. This was only the beginning.

The group worked with Farren over a 6 month period, through a particularly turbulent time for individuals within the group and the club in general. We confronted all aspects of leadership: body language, public speaking, scenario based role play to name but a few.

The overriding theme that emerged for me while working with Farren was ownership. Taking ownership of your own career, life & behaviours. Having the ability to ‘choose your mood’, for example, was a new concept introduced to myself and others by Farren that I remind myself of daily. Working now in the development area of coaching with young players, instilling the responsibility to take ownership of their own careers is a battle that I face daily. I cannot overestimate its importance.

My wife & members of my family would describe my work with Farren as a ‘game changer’. I think I can also speak for my good friend Tom on this. Farren instilled in us a responsibility to be & how to be a good teammate, a great mate and an even a better family member. As a group, we would often discuss how this looked, what this involved and why championing such positive behaviours was essential in order to have a positive impact on others in all aspects of your life.

Public speaking, an essential part of leadership in life & sport, was also something we confronted with Farren. Each of us was asked to speak on our proudest moment to date & why. It was an incredibly powerful task and the growth that the group experienced in this area was immense. I saw many close friends exude confidence and passion when previously they were perhaps nervous and introverted.

The long-term impact of my work with Farren has been extremely positive. I was honoured to have him attend as I married in June of last year. He is someone that I will always call for advice when I am desperate for it & I wholeheartedly trust any wisdom that he may impart.

For me, Farren is a role model, an inspiration and is the man that I aspire to be.

Tom Homer testimonial

Tom Homer

“I was first introduced to Farren as part of a leadership course back in 2013. At the time I was playing for London Irish RFC where I had been playing professional rugby for 5 years. The leadership course was run through London Irish RFC and would involve meeting with Farren frequently throughout the playing season. The club had chosen a handful of players to work with Farren over that period who they believed could be potential leaders for the club’s future.

On first meeting Farren I was captivated by his energy, enthusiasm and passion to make a positive impact in people’s lives. I immediately bought into what he was trying to accomplish with the group of us. Over the course of time spent with Farren he became a significant influencer in not only my approach to leadership in rugby but also my leadership in life. Farren is extremely approachable and understanding, which made building a relationship with him very easy. Through the leadership course we did a number of enjoyable and challenging exercises designed to take you out of your comfort zone. An example of this was when we had to give a five-minute talk about leadership in rugby to 50+ officers in the British Army. Through the guidance and belief Farren demonstrated in me, I was able to overcome a fear that I had previously struggled with.

All in all Farren is an exceptional human being who is always able to bring out the best in people. He is extremely driven and focused to make a positive difference to the people and world around him. To work with Farren is both a pleasure and a privilege. He is a man full of integrity, reliability and humour.”

Tim Phillips

“Farren has developed a superb app allowing me to focus on many different aspects working towards my eventual career transition. The app allows me to use my multiple VSMs for personal goal setting, career planning as well as for some of my clients I coach on a personal level.”